Postdoctoral positions – open position

Highly motivated and productive candidates for postdoctoral positions who recently obtained their Ph.D. in nuclear engineering, physics, or electrical engineering are encouraged to contact Prof. Jovanovic with the resume and the statement of research objectives and career group goals. Of particular interest are individuals with research experiences involving radiation detection and laser science, and with interest and qualifications for obtaining a faculty or national laboratory position.

Graduate student positions – continuing search

We are continuously recruiting highly motivated graduate students in all areas of research related to applied nuclear science, with emphasis on radiation detection and intense laser science and technology. Applicants should have undergraduate background in nuclear engineering, electrical engineering, physics, or mechanical engineering, will have placed at the top of their undergraduate class, or they may already hold an M.S. degree. Both domestic and international applicants are invited to contact Prof. Jovanovic with the resume and the statement of research objectives and career goals. Except in rare instances, only students with interest in pursuing Ph.D. will be considered. All graduate students accepted into Applied Nuclear Science Group are fully financially supported through tuition/fees remission and an attractive stipend.
Students are expected to demonstrate a continuous high level of commitment to research and ability to effectively collaborate and communicate. They will be given all necessary support to regularly publish in refereed scientific journals and present their work at conferences. They will also be given opportunity to supervise undergraduate students and obtain teaching experience.
Accepted students will be supported through research assistantships carrying an attractive stipend and full remission of tuition or fees, or through a combination of research and teaching assistantships. All domestic students are expected to actively pursue opportunities to obtain external fellowship funding, either prior or during their graduate program. Many of the group members have been the recipients of prestigious fellowships from National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and Department of Homeland Security.

Semester and summer research opportunities for undergraduates

Semester research positions for class credit are available for highly motivated undergraduates with a goal to pursue graduate studies in our area of interest. Position is open for undergraduates in all engineering and science disciplines. Undergraduates can get involved with any of the group projects and will work under mentorship of a graduate student. Support may be available through a variety of sources. Continuous, high level of commitment and attendance of group meetings is requested from students interested in participating. Highly performing students who make significant contributions can co-author publications and will have an option to transition into a paid summer undergraduate research appointment or graduate program after completion of undergraduate studies. Apply by contacting Prof. Jovanovic directly by email with an introduction, resume and stated interests and career goals.