Gérard Mourou Center for Ultrafast Optical Science

The Gérard Mourou Center for Ultrafast Optical Science (CUOS) is an interdisciplinary research center in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan. CUOS was sponsored as a Science and Technology Center by the National Science Foundation during 1990-2001 by the 2018 Nobel Laureate in Physics, Prof. Gérard Mourou, and as a College of Engineering Center continues its research in ultrafast optics with funding from a variety of government agencies and industry. Its mission is to perform multidisciplinary research in the basic science and technological applications of ultrashort laser pulses, to educate students from a wide variety of backgrounds in the field, and to spur the development of new technologies.

These ultrafast lasers enable a tremendous range of applications in fundamental science and applied technology; further information on these applications may be found on About CUOS page, and details of specific research programs may be found under Research Groups. CUOS houses a 500-terrawatt HERCULES laser, which has held a Guinness world record of  the highest focused intensity of 2×1022  W/cm2 for 10 consecutive years and is under expansion into the flagship high-intensity laser user facility in the United States, under name ZEUS (Zettawatt-Equivalent Ultrashort pulse laser System). ZEUS will reach the peak power of 3 petawatts and is supported by the National Science Foundation.