2023 Ph.D. STUDENT and POSTDOCTORAL positions are open immediately in the following areas: (1) antineutrino detection for nonproliferation, (2) neutron active interrogation, (3) advanced detection concepts for nuclear physics and nuclear forensics, (4) remote sensing with ultrafast lasers

Ph.D. student positions carry guaranteed support (tuition & competitive stipend) over 5 years, while postdoctoral positions offer an option to transition to a research faculty position at the University of Michigan.

ANSG is a member of premier national research initiatives: NNSA Consortium for Monitoring, Technology, and Verification, NNSA Consortium for Nuclear Forensics, DTRA Interaction of Ionizing Radiation with Matter – University Research Alliance, and the LaserLab US, operating ZEUS laser at U. Michigan – the highest power laser in the United States.

If interested, please contact Prof. Jovanovic (ijov@umich.edu) with your resume and a statement of your career goals.


Welcome to the Applied Nuclear Science Group at the University of Michigan! We are a multidisciplinary group of engineers (nuclear, electrical, mechanical) and scientists (physicists and chemists) that performs fundamental research in several areas of nuclear science and engineering. The two focus areas of our activities are:

  1. Nuclear Detection and Remote Sensing. We develop novel and advance the existing technical solutions to help address a variety of current and emerging nuclear threats.
  2. Ultraintense Laser Science and Technology. We develop the technological and scientific foundation for the use of intense ultrafast lasers in science, industry, and security.

We are primarily an experimental group that takes advantage of a combination of outstanding facilities at the University of Michigan and at collaborating institutions, particularly national laboratories. We continuously recruit new postdocs, graduate, and undergraduate students who share our passion for research and are interested in pursuing a career in applied nuclear science.